Thursday, April 16, 2009

Jimmy Keller

Jimmy Keller passed away on April 3, 2009, at the age of 75. A very inspiring and moving eulogy given by his son Jim Keller is reprinted below:


For those that may not know me, I am Jim Keller, Jimmy's son. Mom, my sister Joyce, and my brother David and I would like to thank everyone for joining us today.

This last phase of Dad's life has been a difficult road. But there were many blessings after his stroke, and I especially want to thank two of those blessings, his care givers, Candi Moses and Topsie Jackson, for making that road much easier for Dad and our whole family.

These ladies went way beyond their mission and helped him get as much quality of life as possible. When he became wheelchair bound they literally wore the tires off his wheelchair going through the neighborhood. He enjoyed it very much. There was so much they did for him.

We also want to thank all of our neighbors and friends that have helped him. The LaComb's, Tommy, Caroline and fireman Chris, were always there when needed. So many others kept us in their prayers and we appreciate it very much!

And thank you Father Francis for not only your service here today, but also for the years of consoling and ministering to Jimmy. You have been a good and faithful servant in the name of our Lord and Savior.

Those of you who knew my dad before his stroke, know that he was a very loving man, quick to hug anyone and everyone. In return, he was also very easy to love.

But, living with him could well be something else, anything from high adventure to a near religious experience could be expected, mainly because he usually went over and through the mountains or other obstacles in his way rather than going around them. Always courageous and always confident in his abilities to do what he set out to do.

For the first phase of his life, the normal life if you will, although normal was a relative term with him. he was raised in Baton Rouge by devout Catholic parents, Guy and Bea. He was an athlete in his younger days-football, baseball, boxing. He graduated from Catholic High and LSU, high in his class, married his high school sweetheart, our mother Louise, served in the navy, and had four children.

Of all of life's ups and downs, the loss of a child, my brother Dale at age 5, did leave some scars.

He was happiest when bass fishing with a fly rod in the company of a family fishing legend, our Uncle Irving.

Then in 1968 a life changing illness set in motion the beginnings of a very unlikely story. This phase of his life was a thirty plus year odyssey. At age 34, Jimmy was diagnosed with Melanoma and had a radical surgery on his head and neck. Within a few months the cancer had returned. Now, the survival rate for melanoma in 1969 was slim. Once it spread the survival rate was zero.

After despair, depression and disfigurement, and only at the insistence of his parents (who were constantly praying for his healing) he traveled to a clinic in Dallas and started on Dr. Hoxey's herbal based treatment. While he said he did not believe it would work, he took it because of his parents. After some months, and seeing the lumps in his neck go away, and feeling better, he realized he might live-and he did! Then the authorities shut down the clinic in Dallas. He no longer had access to treatment that was healing him. He couldn't believe it or understand why.

That's when he decided he would search out all the information on alternative treatments for himself, and for people who were now coming to him and wanting to know what he had done to get better.

He traveled and studied and sought out everything he could learn about cancer and alternative treatments, seminars, conventions, doctors using different methods, and checking out many things from all around the world. He started studying how nutrition affected cancer and cancer prevention. Although we are now barraged by how diet relates to cancer, at that time conventional approaches showed no correlation.

He decided to help anyone with cancer, especially terminal people like he had been, to get any and every type of treatment he could get his hands on. Many of these treatments were used in other parts of the world, but not approved in the United States. He started out working with doctors and nurses but when they were not available he learned to administer the treatments himself.

As more and more people heard of him and some terminal patients survived, word spread of his story and theirs. Of course, many people were too far gone for anyone to help. Some would still want to be treated and he would do as much as he could.

Now, this was totally public in Baton Rouge. He wanted everyone to know his story, and he was exuberant when he shared it!

He was going on the radio talk shows and speaking to any and every group or organization that would have him. The Baton Rouge newspaper ran a large article on him with pictures of people being treated and they interviewed him about his survival story.

He testified before the committees of three state legislatures for the legalization of laetrile as a cancer treatment. All three states passed those bills. But, all the publicity proved to be too much and he was sued by the AMA to cease and desist.

He moved to Mexico and opened a clinic where other similar clinics were starting to open and using treatments not approved in the United States. But his trials and tribulations were just beginning.

I won't be able to tell the entire story here, but Ellen Brown, in her book "Forbidden Medicine", captures his journey. I encourage all of you to read it. Especially his grandchildren and great-grandchildren, to learn a side of your grandfather that you need to know about.

There are many letters in the back of Ellen's book. One written by John McComber says this, " I say in all truth that I owe my life to him. My treatment at St. Jude's caused my tumor to disappear. To this day I am free of any cancer in my body. Jimmy is a caring, loving, and spiritual man."

Another, by Arlene Torgesen of Soda Springs, Idaho says, "I had been diagnosed two different times and after chemo and radiation as then having only three months to live. (Now) I am known in this area as a medical miracle. I'm not a medical miracle, but a Jimmy Keller miracle.

Another, by Gloria Tinney of Santa Monica, CA says, "I had cancer of the lymph glands. Jimmy helped me out of my darkest hour. That was a year and a half ago. He treats patients even if they cannot afford it, myself included. "She went on later to be a radio talk show host in Los Angeles.

Another, written by the Reverand Karen Paris of North Hollywood, CA says, "I met Jimmy Keller after being diagnosed as having cervical carcinoma. I had not been able to work because of the cancer, did not have medical insurance, and lived alone. Jimmy took me as a patient anyway. I believe I would not be alive today if not for Jimmy Keller and the treatment he so lovingly gave me."

Dan Foster of CA wrote, ".at the end of treatment he would give a hug and say "God Bless You"

Sally Greer of Orange County said, "Jimmy was not only instrumental in saving my life, he taught me how to live. He helped me spiritually and was the person who told me I could do anything I wanted to do.

And there is so much more to this story to be told; so many compassionate stories. Many people, such as Frank Couseneaux, President of the Cancer Control Society in San Diego, have told me my dad was a great man. To some he was just a Quack, which by the way, was a term he loved. One of his patients even had tee shirts made up with the logo, "Have you hugged your quack today?" They were a big hit at the clinic.

Well, I don't know how to measure greatness, but I know that if you could measure it by the love and compassion you show others, he measured up very well!! He simply had to help people when they called, often at his own peril.

Another Keller, Helen Keller, once wrote something I believe applies to Dad. She wrote, "So long as you can sweeten another's pain, life is not in vain."

God Bless You Dad.


Ted said...

Jim Keller (jr.) has become a friend of mine over the last year and I learned about his father Jimmy only at the funeral where I was priviledged to hear this eulogy personally. I have since read the book "Forbidden Medicine" and become fascinated by Jimmy's story. Jimmy was a true hero and a spiritual man of God from everything I have learned to date. I wish I could have gotten know the man personally.

Citizen of Gaia's Neural Net said...

My Cancer Cure With L-Arginine ......
It was my great good fortune to run into the book "Forbidden Medicine" by Ellen Brown at about the same time that I developed skin cancer for the first time. After the cancer first appeared I looked on the Internet and discovered information about cancer but was hesitant to trust the information until I had received it from more than one source. When I heard that Ellen Brown had written a book about cancer I had to see if she described cancer the same way as the information I got on the Internet. There was agreement and I am convinced by this and by my experience with cancer that this book is accurate information. I am aware from my experiences with cancer that the book "Forbidden Medicine" is most likely an accurate description of the cause of cancer and of many cancer cures since using the information got rid of my cancer. It was a truly fascinating book.
The first time I battled a few cancer sores I used a combination of Cymilium ( that is a cancer cream sold on the Internet ) and then rubbing salt into the wound to finish the job. But Cymilium is a cure specific to removal of one sore and does nothing to inhibit the appearance of more cancer. The second time skin cancer appeared about a year later I was eager to try something that was going to stop the sores from appearing in the first place. I remembered that "Forbidden Medicine" had suggested taking the amino acid L-arginine. I found a big bottle of it at the local health food store and bought it.
I ingested about half a cup of the stuff over a few days time. The sores I had this time had been subjected to the cancer cream and were displaying the normal difficulty in getting totally rid of them. You have to eliminate every last cancer cell or the things regrow. The cancer cream stings and I had to sting myself several times.

The sores were a few inches around if you include the pink inflammation around them. The cancer itself, I knew by removing some manually by rubbing salt in, and by reading descriptions of basal cell carcinoma on the Internet, had a typical characteristic. They are round and red with a tiny dimple in the middle. If you have experience with removing them with salt rub as I have done a few times you have seen the little formations each time you hack away at one of these things.
This particular group of sores were treated early as I had spotted them early. They were about a quarter of an inch around inside a larger area of inflammation. Here there was a bloody scab. There was a bloody scab where I had been using the harsh chemical, dilute ammonium hydroxide, needed by the cancer cream to be effective.

I thought "Using L-arginine will probably take weeks or months". Imagine my delight when a few days into the ingesting of L-arginine that the little red centers of the cancer sores fell right out leaving a pink indentation where the cancer had been.

I had not imagined I could be that lucky and I was ecstatic. I highly recommend the book and the information is priceless and could save many lives. What this book reveals about our current medical profession is truly disturbing.

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

My wife Diane Corless had a brain tumor and she was operated on twice..We were told by UCI Medical Center in Orange California that the cancer was coming back and that they would not operate again unless she was in extreme pain..My wife had received radiation and chemo treatments and they notified me that my wife had 6 weeks to 6 months to live..Our bills rose to over 1 million dollars for the treatments..My father in law Bob Mosby and I heard about Jimmy from two different sources..I made the first trip to TJ with Diane and her father to see Jimmy Keller..Needless to say I was a little taken back by the building and all the folks sitting around taking intravenous drips..And yes at the meeting Jimmy said he wished we had come to him before the obtrusive treatments..Diane at this point was in a wheelchair and was bloated from all the steroids..Long story short after Jimmy's treatments and diet guides my wife lived for another 15 years..Bedridden in a convalescent home..But alive..I wrote a song called JUst My Boy and Me and made a picture video of it and placed it on YouTube..I tell the story at the end and give Jimmy his due acknowledgement..Thank you Jimmy Keller..Of all the lies and deceit out there you were a man that carried the truth.. ...ROBB CORLESS..7-27-15 ROBBSDREAM@GMAIL.COM

Unknown said...

Wow. We all need to speak out with courage and fortitude against the corruption in our own government

Unknown said...

Wow so many true testimonials

just shutty said...

God bless Jimmy keller. May he rest in peace. It is obvious the government was trying to silence him/mske him go away. The testimonisls of his surviving/cured patients attest to the fact that he was far from a fraud.

D Accurso said...
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D Accurso said...
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D Accurso said...

Because of Jimmy my thyroid cancer vanished in under 7 days. Here's my story.

Back in the 80's I was working on the set of Star Trek at Paramount Studios in Hollywood where I had a conversation with two younger women about my thyroid cancer. Each of them had recovered from cancer, one breast and the other vaginal. They were very excited to share their stories on how a man by the name of Jimmy Keller had treated them and eliminated their cancer in a very short period of time. They were quick to provide me with his contact information in Mexico.

Before I knew it, I was driving over the border and heading towards his little St. Jude clinic in Tijuana. When I arrived, I was greeted by a friendly little Mexican woman who led me to a back room. As I passed through the poorly lit corridors, I noticed signs of peeling paint, numerous cracks in the walls, and other patients waiting in several of the other rooms.

It wasn't to long before I was greeted by Jimmy himself; a humble and soft spoken man who appeared to have a severe disfigurement to what I remember to be on the left side of his face and neck. During our initial conversation he related his story about having cancer which brought meaning to his disfigurement and the unusual slant of his glasses all for the lack of proper support by his disfigured ear.

During our extended conversation and his brief examination, his female assistant carried in a stainless steel tray that contained a sanitary paper a cotton ball, alcohol, a sterile band aid and a small syringe filled with a clear red liquid.

Moments before Jimmy injected the fluid in the vein of my right arm, I asked him this question, "How will I know if this stuff works or not?". He replied, "If you have cancer, you'll know immediately if its working or not."

Much to my surprise, within less than 10 seconds, I began to feel an increasing tingling sensation in my thyroid, of which I expressed to him. He replied, "It's working.", as he smiled. I then proceeded to asked him, "What is the solution composed of?" He replied, "It's proprietary, but basically it contains Vitamin B, long chain polypeptides, and some other healing compounds." (For those of you that are interested, I've added a few paragraphs at the end that explains peptides and polypeptides.)

I repeated these short visits and injections for the next five (5) days, and noticed by the last day that the tingling was nearly gone. I expressed this reduction of sensation with Jimmy and he replied, "Your cancer is almost gone."

Upon completion, Jimmy said he would write me a script for 6 bottles of injectable fluid, needles and syringes so I could inject myself for the next 6 days once I returned home in the States. At the time, I was concerned about carrying these items over the border, he assured me the pharmacist would explain everything to me.

Before heading off to the pharmacist, Jimmy showed me exactly how to safely and properly inject myself. He also mentioned the injectable solution should be refrigerated and if it were to become hot that I should not inject the fluid and to discard of it.

Six months after completing my self injections, I scheduled an appointment with my thyroid doctor so he could perform another test. I did not tell him about Jimmy, Mexico or the injections. Once the lab results came back, my doctor was perplexed, he couldn't believe what he was reading, he said, "I don't understand this, you have no sign of any cell dysfunction." It's now been over 30 years since that diagnosis and my thyroid cancer has never returned.

God bless Jimmy!!! He will be missed.

D Accurso said...

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