Thursday, April 16, 2009

Formula for Healing

The 2008 postscript to this book states:

"Jimmy kept his formula and protocol secret because he did not trust the drug companies that might get hold of it, and because his treatment was unique to each patient and could not really be captured in a written formula; but he is no longer able to oversee the therapy he developed and practiced with such remarkable success. In the interest of helping to develop new healing modalities that serve mankind over vested financial interests, his family has therefore agreed to make the formula for his basic serum available for development and testing. For more information, see"

I met with the Keller family and took notes on the formula, but we decided it was best not to publish it on the Internet because it is an injectable, which normally requires a license for use. Any qualified researchers who are interested in testing it, however, may contact me at the "contact us" button below and I’ll send the details that I know. As noted in "Forbidden Medicine," the base of the formula is the amino acid arginine, a precursor in the body to growth hormone, a natural immune system stimulant. Jimmy’s basic theory was that cancer cells are merely normal cells starved of oxygen, which have turned anaerobic, reverting to the primitive state of cells in the womb that divide and divide unchecked. The process can be reversed by getting oxygen and other nutrients to the cells, turning them back into normal healthy aerobic cells. Rather than attacking the "cancer" as a hostile invader, using toxic chemicals and surgery, cancer cells can and should be nurtured back to health and integrated back into the body.

originally posted on: 8/11/2008


Anonymous said...

Amazing story. Thanks to you and Jimmy and family. I don't see a 'contact us' link.

Olalla13 said...

Thank you Ellen for writing Jimmy's story, it has changed my life.

Jimmy Keller will always be in my thoughts because of what his story has taught me: there are viable alternatives to the damaging allopathic medicine.

Anonymous said...
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Helga said...

Hi Ellen!!..
your story were truly incomparable, About the forbidden medicine has anyone got tried and prove the effects.?

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Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

Where can someone get jimmy's formulas?

Unknown said...

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